How to take care of the battery of an Electric Scooty/Bike?

The energy that the battery of the scooty/bike has stored escapes gradually – this is called ‘self-discharging’. If it remains completely discharged for a long period of time, unrepairable damage can occur due to chemical reactions inside the battery. Refer to your battery’s user manual for information on what to do if you do not intend to use it for a longer period of time. Recommendations may vary depending on the type of battery. However, this will help the user to maintain the driving range of the Scooty/Bike.

• Always use the charger as well as the adapter supplied along with your Scooty/Bike. It will avoid overcharging and protect the battery against damage due to short circuits.
• Let your battery cool down before charging it. Also, do not use the battery directly after recharging.
• Never completely drain the battery.
• Always try charging the battery 80% to 100%.
• If you won’t use your bike for prolonged periods of time, make sure to partially charge the battery every few months.
• Always disconnect the charger from the battery/vehicle after charging.

• Keep your battery in a cool and dry place (preferably between 0° and 20°).
• Avoid elevated temperatures and do not leave the battery near a heat source.

• Although most of the batteries are splash proof now-a-days, however, before cleaning as well as before doing any work on your Scooty/Bike, remember to remove the battery always.
• Never use a steam pressure washer when cleaning the battery or your Scooty/Bike.
• Never immerse the battery in water. Wiping off the battery for Scooty with a damp cloth is sufficient for cleaning.

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